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Foundation Funds

Endowed funds produce charitable income every year and help donors create a legacy of giving.

Supports foundation operations.

  • Washington County Administrative Fund

Provide annual support for specific charities selected by the donor.

  • Kansas Health Foundation Operating Fund for
  • Washington County
  • Keenan Jellison-Knock Fine Arts Scholarship Fund

Enable donors to recommend grants to the charitable organizations or programs of their choice.

  • Buckshot & Christine Buchanan Fund
  • The Gardner Wellness Center Charitable Fund
  • Larry R. Mueller Memorial Fund

Enable donors to support a designated cause or geographic area. (e.g. the arts, a specific community, etc.)

  • Clifton Community Fund
  • Hanover Community Fund

Provide annual income for nonprofit organizations in support of their charitable work.

  • Friends of Hollenberg Station Fund
  • KSDS Assistance Dogs Fund
  • Twin Valley Developmental Services, Inc. Fund
  • Washington County Hospital Foundation Fund
  • Washington Library Fund

Assist and encourage promising students, including those challenged by educational costs.

  • Columbus, Vera & Morris Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund

Supports foundations community grantmaking.

  • Washington County Opportunity Fund