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Foundation Funds

Endowed funds produce charitable income every year and help donors create a legacy of giving.

Supports foundation operations.

  • Washington County Administrative Fund

Provide annual support for specific charities selected by the donor.

  • Kansas Health Foundation Operating Fund for
  • Washington County
  • The Wilbur G. Jueneman Fund

Enable donors to recommend grants to the charitable organizations or programs of their choice.

  • Buckshot & Christine Buchanan Fund
  • The Gardner Wellness Center Charitable Fund
  • Larry R. Mueller Memorial Fund

Enable donors to support a designated cause or geographic area. (e.g. the arts, a specific community, etc.)

  • Clifton Community Fund
  • Hanover Community Fund

Provide annual income for nonprofit organizations in support of their charitable work.

  • Friends of Hollenberg Station Fund
  • KSDS Assistance Dogs Fund
  • Twin Valley Developmental Services, Inc. Fund
  • Washington County Hospital Foundation Fund
  • Washington Library Fund

Scholarship Funds support student education and impact our future leaders.

We offer two different scholarship fund options for donors based on their interest and budget. Designated Scholarship Funds partner with schools and other nonprofits to facilitate the process, whereas the Community Foundation manages the process, start to finish for Traditional Scholarship Funds.

Scholarship Fund Fact Sheet

Current Scholarship Funds- Designated

  • Keenan Jellison-Knock Fine Arts Scholarship Fund

Current Scholarship Funds- Traditional

  • Columbus, Vera & Morris Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund

Supports foundations community grantmaking.

  • Washington County Opportunity Fund