Grow II

Grow II Challenge


The Washington County Community Foundation has been accepted to receive a $300,000 matching grant from the second chapter of the Kansas Health Foundation’s Giving Resources to our World (GROW II) Healthy Kansas Initiative. Over the course of six years through the end of 2016, new endowed gifts will be matched using a two-tiered ratio. Some gifts are matched at the rate of 1-to-2, or $1 match for every $2 of new gifts, and some gifts are matched at the rate of 1-to-4, or $1 match for every $4 of new gifts.

By creating GROW II, the Kansas Health Foundation hopes to achieve two specific goals 1) to help more Kansas community foundations build permanent resources that will measurably improve the health of local residents and 2) to support collaboration and alliances among community foundations to ensure a well-managed and self-sufficient community foundation field in Kansas.

What are the matching rates?
Any endowed gift to the Washington County Opportunity Fund (our community grant fund), Clifton Community Fund, Hanover Community Fund, Washington County Healthy Living Fund, and the Washington County Administrative Fund will receive a 50% match. All other endowed gifts, with the exception of scholarship funds, will receive a 25% match.

Where do the matching dollars go?
All matching money will be divided into two endowed funds created by the Kansas Health Foundation—the Kansas Health Foundation Fund for Washington County, a public health fund, and the Kansas Health Foundation Operating Fund for Washington County, an administrative fund.

How long does the Foundation have to raise the match?
Washington County Community Foundation has until the end of 2016 to earn the $300,000 matching grant.

What kind of impact will this mean for our community?
If the challenge is successful, more than $1 million in new endowed money will be invested in Washington County to stay in Washington County to benefit the needs of current and future generations.

For more information about the GROW II challenge, visit the Kansas Health Foundation’s website.