Cummings Park Updates

City of Morrowville

Cummings Park in the City of Morrowville is a full block long and half a block wide, this is one of the most important gathering locations in town. It is large enough to accommodate about any size gathering. The park houses a full basketball court, a fenced area, a ten picnic table pavilion with a kitchen, a two restroom building, and a large grassy play area with swings, slides and other playground equipment. With unforeseen financial burdens, the city was unable to keep up with the yearly wear and tear on their own. The Washington County Community Foundation awarded a grant to the city to purchase materials and play equipment to update the park.

With the support from community volunteers as well as outside donations this project was able to become a reality. "Every good story starts with 'In the beginning' and this one is no different, we started with a Park that was tired and needed some love along with a community with some love and needed a place to express it," said grantee Steve Talkington. "The generosity of your grant not only gave us a great kick start but it really helped to build a lot of interest in our little community. Your gift was so much more than we anticipated."